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Kenya, Ngong Hills, August 2012

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Young Leaders Workshop in Kenya, Ngong Hills 18th - 25th August 2012

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With this theme Global Fellowship invites young leaders to an international training course with the focus on leadership development.

During the last 20 - 30 years we have heard how difficult it is for people to find their own identity. It is not only on a personal level, but the difficulties impacts onto all structures and organisations in our societies. Some of our organisations use a motto: Sure and steadfast. In many societies we have lost common values, and it seems that the Motto was easier to say at the beginning of last century than today.

The whole course will focus on identity - reflecting on the statement that we as individuals have lost our identity. We shall also look at some reasons for the loss, and see what kind of impact it can have for our organisations. Which organisation-identity should be our brand in society? What can my organisation bring to the society which is not already covered by other organisations? Where can we set our fingerprints? What can you do as a young leader - how are you able to extend your passion, your commitment in your own society? How can you address your leadership in your organization to broader groups - do you have any tools for such an approach?

These are just some of the questions we will deal with on the course.

And since young leaders from the whole world will attend the course you will encounter many new ideas, be motivated and inspired to find some answers to the above questions.

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This is a fantastic chance to learn about other cultures, to get a better understanding of our societies, and to meet new friends across the world.

Global Fellowship wants to provide a learning "lab" for young leaders with cross-cultural activities. Each participant will bring something, but get more, and therefore this workshop is also a leadership development opportunity for all participants.

The door is open for your fingerprint.

Venue: The course will take place in Kenya, close to the capital Nairobi on a hillside in Ngong Hills. The "watakatifu wote centre" is located here. It means the place of the sacred. The conference Centre belongs to the Presbyterian Church and it is located with a beautiful view over the valley.

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Accommodation : Presbyterian Conference Centre. The rooms have 2 beds, shower and toilet facilities to each room. A beautiful garden with an outdoor stage. Kenya is in the tropical climate-zone, but due to the latitude of the venue it can be chilly in the nights; but for the same reason there is no malaria.

kenya2012 04.pngPrice: $150 US per participant. Each participant has to arrange their own passport, visa (if needed), insurance and medical vaccinations etc. Visa can be issued in the airport in Kenya by paying $50 US. Each participant has to arrange their own transport to and from Nairobi airport. Assistance may be available from GF on request.

The registration fee of $150US must be paid by yourself or your organisation when the course starts or your organisation can transfer the money to GF's bank account. The fee covers everything during the course: accommodation, food, excursions etc.



  •  Opening service – official opening ceremony
  • Talks on subjects such as theology - psychology - sociology
  • Group-sessions on various issues
  • Day walk in Ngong Hills
  • Worship
  • Fun and social games – indoor & outdoors - football match against the local club
  • Teambuilding
  • Community project
  • and much more – a detailed programme can be seen on our website: www.globalfellowship.net

The workshop is one week long, but you will be asked to prepare something in advance. GF expects that you will use your experience back in your own organisation. As soon as we have names for the course participants we shall communicate directly to the participants about this and other details.

Extension of the stay

kenya2012 05.pngKenya has many tourist attractions, white beaches and game parks. If you want to extend your stay we can help you with ideas and contacts to BB companies, but such arrangements will be on your own responsibility.

How to apply?: You apply to your own organisation, and the national organisation will approve and select two young leaders. It will then forward the details of the two applicants to us.

The training course is open to 2 young leaders from each member organisation aged 18-30.

Please be aware that the process of getting a passport and visa might take some time.




Wilson Macharia, President of Boys' Brigade Kenya

Leif Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer of Global Fellowship

Joseph Nana Annan, National Training Coordinator Boys' Brigade Ghana

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Further information

If you need to know more about the workshop, please feel free to contact Leif at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +45 50300117

pdf> Download Invitation(246.64 KB)

pdf> Download Programme(153.89 KB)


Application form for Young Leaders Workshop Kenya

Please send it to your organisation before 1st of April 2012


Age: Male/Female




Role in your organisation: